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Put the hope of Professor PARK Dong Myung

Regional council special lecture


Director of Education, Secretary General, Professor

Dr. PARK DONG MYUNG is a spirit of change, creation, innovation, participation, sharing, local autonomy and decentralization,

Policy evaluation, law, social welfare policy will be created.


Through university lecture, public office work, press - writing work etc.

Spill out constant challenges and passion

Human talented expert ~

"Seoul Metropolitan Public Interest Audit Committee", "Seoul City Education Office Inspector", "Prosecutors' Office Prosecutor Citizen Committee"

"National University outpatient professor" etc.

Work to solve citizen complaints

A spokesperson for the interests of citizens ~


Let us make hope together

박동명교수 강의모습
박동명 위원, 워크숍 참석
박동명 위원장 - 회의 진행
Clear and pleasant university lecture

Based on official work experience and theory, I will give lectures that are fun and informative. A classroom full of laughter.

("Female and Law" subject, 2002.04)

Active exchange with local communities

Actively interact with government, NGOs, academia, speech, to promote regional development and improvement of welfare for residents

(Seoul Municipal Welfare Foundation Workshop, 2015.06)

Promote rights through autonomy

As a planning and administrative chairperson of a regional autonomous body,

Contributing to the development of democracy through residents autonomy

(Resident participation Jesangje also settled efforts, 2016.08)

PARK Dong Myung Profile

Name : PARK Dong Myung

Surname : PARK
Name: Dong Myung

Degree: Doctor of Law
Work place: Seoul Metropolitan City
Sitting position: Public Interest Audit Committee
(Concurrent position: Visiting professor at Kookmin University)
Unification Ministry Education Committee)


* Book writing activity as a public official (10 books), reserved specific careers such as press activities.
* Awarded the National Public Service Literary War (Audience Division) Excellence Award, Seoul Social Welfare Award
* Seoul Mayor's Awards received 4 times, the Korean Red Cross president's appreciation letter


Laboratory: +8201075795959

Educational background

Law Ph.D. acquisition (1998)

Completed administrative doctor (2017)

Graduated from Sungkyunkwan University graduate (social welfare policy major)

Completed doctor of administration at Sungkyunkwan University

(National) Graduated from JeonNam University Graduate School of Law PhD

Law, social welfare, multiple administrations of administration

(1) PhD in Government, Completed 1, Law - Acquiring Master's Degree in Social Welfare 2)



Main career


Lecturer, Special Committee for Women reporting to President

Advisory committee of the Democratic Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

Democratic speech movement civic coalition (Gwangju south, Democratic People's Committee) Chairman

Human Rights Ombudsman (2005 - 2006)

Gwangju wide area municipal government official (Congress secretariat, 2004.03 - 2007.7)


Visiting Professor, University of Kookmin University

Visiting professor at National University administrative school etc. (1999 ~ present, university lecture)


CBS broadcasting, "Explanation and consultation of law" (2001 - 2004)

PBC peace broadcasting, "suggestive comment", "media criticism" (2001 - 2004)

Public Relations Ambassador of Regional Government Mutual Aid Association (POBA) (2012 - 2015)


Honorary Inspector of Gyeonggi Province (2016 - present)

Competition education citizen participation committee chairperson of improvement of administrative system (2017 ~ present)

Jury of Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly Councilor public official activities (2018 - present)

Accounts-Inspection Commissioner of Local Autonomy Organization (FY 2016)

Congressional health welfare special committee member of the Seoul Metropolitan City (civil servant, 2007 - 2015)


Seoul Metropolitan Public Utilities Audit Committee (present)

Seoul Metropolitan Government Education Office Seijin Citizen Inspector (present)

Education Committee of the Unification Department (present)

Election training of the Central Election Committee Civic researcher (present)

Gyeonggi-do Planning Administration Chairperson (present)

Prosecutor's Office Prosecution Citizen Committee (present)


Representatives of social organizations (present)

Chairman of the "Headquarters Exercise Increasing the Expertise of Public Officials" (co-authored book)



Special lecture

In case

Administrative affairs audit of local council, budget and summary review procedure, legislation of regulations and examination methods Special lecture activities





Main book

Park Dong Myung, women and law (National Public Service Literary War literary department excellent prize)

Park Dong Myung, modern life and law (writing award, Seoul Special Mayor Award)

Park Dong Myung, see the opposite world etc.

10 books in isolation

(Works that received the award of ministerial level or higher from 10 volumes ... are five works)


In case




Based on the Christian spirit, we try to practice the love of Christ.


Slogan: Life full of love and appreciation

Laboratory : +82 02-383-1892
Lecture inquiry : 1644-7156

​Email :


© 2016 by Park Dong Myung

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